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Quiz from any text

Fine-Tuned AI

Multiple Languages Supported

Multiple types of quizzes

It's as simple as that!

With Quizbot's AI technology, you can generate quizzes for any purpose in just seconds. Whether it's for academic purposes, job interviews or FAQs for your customers, Quizbot has got you covered.

1000+ Words

Get quizzes from any text with
more than 1000 words! 

Edit and save the questions

Edit and save all the questions and answers Quizbot has generated for you

More languages

Get quizzes now in 3 languages

Join 1000+ Users from Academics to Professional Teams

3 Easy Steps - That's all It takes

Copy and paste the text

Copy and paste the text you want to generate the Quiz from. You can paste 1000 words (Max) with the basic plan, and 1500 words (Max) with the Pro plan.

or paste any url

Generate quizzes from any URLs

Choose the type of Quiz

Choose the type of quiz you want to generate according to your needs: true or false, multiple answers, FAQ, or Higher Order QA. 

Then choose the language you want to generate the output - the quiz , and generate it!

And done!

After the generation, you can always edit whatever you want: answers, questions, the order, and so on. Then you can save it!

  • Edit Quizzes

  • Save Your Quizzes

  • Copy or Share

Seamless Integration With API⚡

With Quizbot's API, you use them on any platform. Whether it's for academics, job interviews, or FAQs, create engaging content in seconds that can be shared and used anywhere. Say goodbye to tedious quiz creation and hello to seamless integration with Quizbot.

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Per Month, billed Annually

Start for free with 4 free quizzes

Unlimited Quizzes

1000 words input

English Language

Paste URL & Generate

Super Saver


Per Month, billed Annually

Start for free with 4 free quizzes

Unlimited Quizzes

1500 words input

True/False, FAQ, Higher Order QA and MCQs Quizzes

English, Spanish and French languages

API Integration

Paste URL & Generate

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